List of books available at Global Rainbow Foundation office in Pereybere, Grand Bay, Mauritius

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A Guide for Parents with Children with Special Needs
by Admin User - Tuesday, 14 January 2014, 12:55 PM

ALL CHILDREN HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE PROVIDED WITH A PROPER EDUCATION AND THAT INCLUDES PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. Should Special Education Needs (SEN) children be in a specialist or mainstream environment ?

“My child has a disability. Can he/she go to the same school as other children ? Or does ...

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New eLearning Platform
by Admin User - Sunday, 21 July 2013, 6:30 PM


Today we have enabled the eLearning platform for registration. After an initial meeting in the morning, the programme coordinators for different elearning courses have been decided.

We hope to be quickly launching the courses..


GRF Webmaster


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